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Maine State Quart Jug

Maine State Quart Jug

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Gray Farm Pure Maine Maple Syrup is brought to full flavor and color in our wood-fired evaporator without any additional processing.  Thus, Mother Nature influences the Grade more than we do, so we may not have all grades available. However, they all taste great!

Grade A: Golden Color with Delicate Flavor
Generally early season syrup.  It has a fine pronounced sweetness with a delicate maple flavor. This syrup is desirable for pancakes, waffles, French toast, and as an ice cream topping if a delicate maple flavor is desired.  We particularly like Golden and Amber on our family favorite Swedish crepes.

Grade A:  Amber Color with Rich Flavor 
Amber Color with Rich Flavor Pure Maple Syrup has a slightly stronger flavor with a noticeable darker color. Amber and Dark have a fuller bodied taste that makes it the perfect complement to most foods where a slightly stronger maple flavor is desired.  Amber is a great choice for maple glazed salmon.

Grade A:   Dark Color with Robust Flavor
Dark Color with Robust Flavor Pure Maple Syrup is much darker in color and has a stronger more robust maple flavor. Folks who know syrup prefer Dark for slightly heavier foods like French toast because of its stronger maple flavor.  It is often preferred in baking and cooking because of its strong flavor.  This syrup is great to pour over baked apples or squash or use as a glaze on meats and vegetables.

Grade A:  Very Dark Color with Strong Flavor
Very Dark Color with Strong Flavor Pure Maple Syrup is generally very late season syrup.  It is great in foods and recipes where a strong maple presence is desire. Wonderful in cookies, breads, and baked beans.   In our authentic baked bean recipe, we substitute Dark or Very Dark syrup for refined sugar (just cut back on the added liquid a bit).